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Writing custom research papers is an art in and of itself. You have to research the topic and present it accurately and clearly. However, you must also ensure that your work is not plagiarized.

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Plagiarism refers to the act of taking intellectual property from another person and trying to make it your own. Plagiarism does not only apply to books. It also applies to articles and websites, journal articles, documentaries, and just about anything else.

How to Avoid Plagiarism

You may have thought that I don't steal work from others and so this paragraph is true. Accidental plagiarism is another thing that can happen when you are dealing with research papers.

For example, you might include a quote but forget to cite it. You might forget to include a book in the bibliography you used to support statistics you have shown. Now you are plagiarising.

A custom-written research paper must be able to identify and evaluate every source.

These steps will help you avoid falling for the accidental plagiarism trap.

  • Note down all materials that you use when researching
  • Make sure statistics and direct quotes are included in the text
  • You should ensure that every source you have used is included in your bibliography.
  • Use only one or two direct quotations - they should be used only if necessary to support your point. Quotes should not be used to fill the page or exceed the word count.
  • Do not quote more than 20 words per quote. Otherwise, you will be copying and pasting another person's work.
  • You can rephrase any words you use and give it a new perspective.

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