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Plagiarism refers to the act of trying pass on intellectual property from another person as your own. It could be their research or their thoughts, or even their ideas.

You probably think that it would be horrible for you to have this done to you and that you will never do it to anyone else. Did you know that plagiarism is most often committed by genuine students who didn’t realize they were being copied?

You could use a quote from someone else in your paper, but forget to credit them.

You could have used a chart to highlight certain figures but forgot to include a text citation.

You could have paraphrased correctly, but forgot to include the book in which you found the information.

You could also be citing a wrong format, in which case it will be ignored.

Unintentional plagiarism is a common problem that can lead to serious consequences. It can result in you losing valuable marks and even making your assignment a complete failure. You might be removed from your course if it happens repeatedly.


Custom Term Paper Help

You know how easy it is to fall for the plagiarism trap and you want to avoid it. offers custom term paper assistance.

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It will be unique and original to you. The paper is written specifically for you and is never resold. To ensure that all research sources are correctly cited and to prevent accidental plagiarism, you will receive a complete professional bibliography with your paper.

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